by Chris Russell

The Ripple Effect week three message from Pastor Chris Russell on May 28, 2017 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. Why do we hesitate, why do we shrink back, why do we come up short in sharing our faith? FEAR! Early on, the followers of Jesus may have seemed like cowards. But after his death and resurrection, we see a major change... Remember Acts 4:20 - They could not help but speak about what they had seen and heard You wonder - did they think each run in with the religious leaders that it could be the last? Did that stop them? Acts 4:23-24a What do you think they were praying for? Acts 4:24b-28 They understood the power of Almighty God. They knew exactly what had occurred with Jesus. They knew that the leaders had gone so far as to appeal to the Roman government to get Jesus crucified and then they realized that they had ALMOST missed it. Imagine the "light bulb" moment! They started to understand that God was up to something and that He had invited them to be a part of it with Him. Acts 4:29 They begin to shift thought seeing that God shows up even greater in the trials and uses them. Now they are starting to understand a deep desire to ACTUALLY BE A PART of what God was planning. This is the new concept, the new realization... BOLDNESS! Boldness is about you knowing that you have been perfectly positioned in someone's life and as God creates opportunities for you, you take advantage of those opportunities for the sake of seeing that person eventually place their faith in Jesus Christ. If we know we serve a Sovereign God - what is there to fear? Commit yourself to prayer and boldness and look for the opportunities that He will give for you to be a part of the Ripple Effect!
Duration:34 mins

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