by Chris Russell

The Ripple Effect week four message from Pastor Chris Russell on June 4, 2017 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. Our church family honored Sue Juday on this Sunday as she begins her retirement after selflessly serving at CCW for 25 years! We wish her all the best and all our love! There is a difference in how we understand and learn to understand when we are young and when we grow and mature. Many of us want to share our faith, have that strong relationship with Jesus that makes it possible to share it with others - but we get nervous and we struggle...but we have to stop thinking about it like it is a solo mission. Reaching others was NEVER meant to be a solo expedition. Matthew 16:13 Jesus could ask this question because everybody back then, just like they do now, had an opinion about Jesus. Matthew 16:14 What the disciples were pointing out is that people tended to believe that Jesus was FROM God and had a message from God, but were fuzzy on who exactly he was. Matthew 16:15 Jesus was being more DIRECT... Matthew 16:16 What Peter says here is based upon his understanding - what he has learned from following Jesus around. Matthew 16:17-18a Jesus says he didn't come to this on his own, but it was given to him by revelation and eye opening experience by God. Matthew 16:18 Then he gives the name change from Simon to Peter... The names changes in the history of scripture represent the important changes in the direction and purpose of their lives. Now Jesus is going to take this understanding that Peter and the others have been blessed to know and basically says that he is going to create a movement - a RIPPLE EFFECT - that will be defined by their belief in who Jesus really is! Now, today, our responsibility is to involve people as much as we can with a community of believers because that's where the resistance begins to break down. The church is the most powerful, persuasive environment on the planet. We have the ability and gift to partner with Jesus in this RIPPLE EFFECT - but to get people involved it only takes a simple two words... COME AND SEE! First, we answer the call of Jesus - FOLLOW ME Then we bring others along by simple asking - COME AND SEE Catch the vision of what God is doing in the world and join in on it with him and with the church that he has built.
Duration:33 mins

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