by Chris Russell

The Ripple Effect week five message from Pastor Chris Russell on June 11, 2017 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. Pastor Andy Stanley simplifies the gospel message by pointing out that when it comes to figuring out what we need to share with others in regard to our faith it ultimately comes down to two questions: 1. What does a person need to know? 2. What does a person need to do? What makes this encouraging is that when it comes down to it, becoming a Christian is always the same process for everyone. Our circumstances and reasons for coming to faith may be different but the process we go through tot step into that faith is the same. John 3:16 Let's break this down... For God so LOVED the world: God's primary motivation in the relationship is not anger or indifference - it is LOVE! He GAVE his one and only Son: By God's giving of what was the most precious to him, it proves that He was in love - that he was motivated by His love! So look back at the first question - what people need to know... GOD LOVED and GOD GAVE Whoever BELIEVES in him shall not perish: It is about believing in what God sent Jesus to do on our behalf. We can have complete confidence in that knowledge. Now look at the second question - what people need to do... WE BELIEVE But John has not completed the entire thought yet... But HAVE eternal life: If God is on the giving side of the gift, then that means that we are on the receiving side of the gift! Now, consider the whole idea - what to know and what to do... GOD LOVED - GOD GAVE - WE BELIEVE - WE RECIEVE A connection story with the Old Testament: 2 Kings 7:3-4 This is a rough point of decision making - but something had to be done. 2 Kings 7:5-8 God changed drastically the events before these men - but something else presented itself for a decision... 2 Kings 7:9 In the midst of the joy and happiness, they had forgotten of the others who were in desperate situations as well - but they realized that they needed to share the joy that they had discovered. Look at this connection: Life Before Jesus to what drew us to Jesus The changes to fighting temptation to stay in the fun and glow We get caught up in what God is doing in and for us and we forget to share that with the others around us Like the Spider Man quote says: "With great power comes great responsibility" Maybe for us it should say: "With great discovery comes great responsibility" We have to to and take what we have discovered and what we have been given and share it with the world and community around us. That is what being a part of the Ripple Effect is all about. Take advantage of every opportunity because God has already put us in a prime position to change the world because he changed us. Will you join us and LIVE LIKE THAT??!!
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